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VACAPA designs and builds the arts of Post Humanity with no "Fixed Structures"

VACAPA는 "고정된 구조물" 없이 포스트 휴메니티로서의 예술을 디자인하고 구현한다


In Vacant Page architecture, we have a principal we strive for.


To fulfill vacantness in architecture.

To create architecture in a vacant stage, is to have no previous knowledge, conceptions, or a fixed blueprint. 

To be VACAPA is to be a SURPRISE

Our Most Recent Project

Vacant Page Architecture에서는,  중요히 여기는 이념이 있습니다. 


저희 건축에 공허함 을 달성하는것입니다

건축을 공하게 (Vacant) 만든다는 것은, 이전의 논리, 개념, 그리고 고정된 청사진 모두 없이 건축을 이루어 낸다는 것입니다

VACAPA가 된다는것은 놀라움이 되는 것이다 

Canis Stadium
Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 2.31.54 AM.png
[PNG] FOUNTAIN AREA_Final Render.png
[PNG] CLASSROOM_Final Render.png

The Canis Stadium is the company's first ever project.

Designer Brian Kim (김명천) of VACAPA starts his work with "The Chora" working as their "Canis" Art Director

The “Canis Stadium” is planned to be built in the country side of South Korea in Gapyeong, 

As a dog shelter, it plans to shelter around 50 dogs. 

it will contain educational facilities for classes, cafeterias, lounges, etc. which will prove to be a unique common place for humans and dogs.


VACAPA has used this stadium to state an extreme point that,

“Mankind are equal to dogs" 

We believe in this in order for us to maximize our understandings and compassion for dogs, for we cannot live without them. 


The building to fulfill its name, As a dog’s building in this men’s world, men will be invited to it. It will include mankind and dogs together as one into a stadium, where you watch, support and fight for the same "game". 


Built on a mountainside, with its grass structures, the stadium will also prove to be as transparent to nature as possible, eliminating the show of 

human superiority. 


The Canis Stadium will show: 

When one cannot sustain without the other, one must understand and become the other

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